Sunday, December 22, 2013

Winter Gifts

Passing around gifts 
Please, get yourself a nice cup of mulled cider, make yourself comfortable in your favorite place to read, and enjoy: "Don't Date a Girl who Rides Motorcycles" and, "10 Reasons to Date a Woman Who Rides a Motorcycle"

Winter Warmth
In the last month during the morning and evening commute I've gone from just wearing the electric pants and jacket (padded, good insulation) but not plugging into the bike's battery to riding always plugged in. I'm wondering if other 650 GS twin riders have noticed what I see on the temperature gauge - a consistent set of numbers in the 40 degree range: 41.9, 42.8, 43.7, 44.6, 45.5, 46.4, 47.3, 48.2, 49.1. Did the manufacturer wire in the 0.9 increment changes? I have not seen a reading of, say 43.3, or 45.0. I mentioned this to another 650 twin rider - he only pays attention to the temperature gauge when it is flashing at him, which means ambient temp is near to or below freezing. He's seen his gauge go down to 22 degrees. I've seen my gauge up to 107 and down to 31.8 but never in the twenties.  I'll be able to collect more temperative data for the 30's in January. 

The last couple of rides were without heated grips - not sure what's going on, and, worse, the failure is intermittent so the bike's in the shop and will wait until the shop's electrical problem wizard returns from his holiday break. Yes, I could just ride with heated gloves and not rely on the grips but I'm twitchy about electrical problems - I won't be able to focus on just riding because I'll be wondering what else is just a breath away from failing.  

Seasonal Conspicuity
I've been riding over a year with the Lunasee lighting on my wheels - trouble-free, that is, even though the conspicuity is not specifically legal, I have had no problems with highway patrol cops, and, the components of the system are working great. Here's my original post,  a comment on installation for a BMW GS 650 twin, and a comment from another happy Lunasee customer who got a thumbs up from a law enforcement officer. When your wheels are glowing, you stand out, you are visible. I believe I've made my commute during the winter more safe. Best of all my bike looks very, very cool. 

Be warm, be visible, ride safe! Talk to you in 2014.
~ Cecilie

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Trobairitz said...

Hope those electrical gremlins are found and your grips are working in the new year. Easy enough to ignore, but I am with you, I'd be worried about what else is about to go. Symptom of a bigger issue? Hope not.

All the best to you and your family in 2014.